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Livvy and Chrissie ‘Summers of Love’ Radio Special feat. interviews with Roger McGuinn, Jack Oliver and Michael Eaves

Livvy and Chrissie with Roger McGuinn/Roger McGuinn in his studio talking to us on the radio

Left: Us with the legendary Roger McGuinn of The Byrds. Right: Roger McGuinn in his studio talking to us on the radio

Livvy And Chrissie ‘Motown And Beyond’ Radio Special feat. Mark Davis

Mark Davis and Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye and Mark Davis

(Photos courtesy of Mark Davis)

Mark Davis, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder

Mark Davis, Smokey Robinson, and Stevie Wonder

As you know, at the beginning of the first Lockdown, Livvy started a YouTube channel and filmed six short videos, each dealing with a different subject, to support people emotionally to get through the Pandemic. These were featured on the ITV Central website.

Livvy's website:

How to cope with anxiety

The importance of routine

Dealing with Lockdown Frustration

Coping with loss and grief in lockdown

Finding gratitude and kindness

Facing fear and becoming confident

We are both experts in our individual subjects for TV and radio, including being on the BBC 50/50 database and BBC National Hub.

Chrissie, who is also a Celebrant, has continued to work throughout the lockdowns, with funerals being filmed over a live weblink.

Livvy has been on ITV and BBC news offering a lighter take on psychological support for people in the Pandemic.

Here are Livvy’s ITV and BBC interviews:

Click here for the ITV Central interview

BBC News interview:

Livvy recently recorded an interview and Podcast for the prestigious Psychologies Magazine, about the waves of emotion that we all experience at times like these, that will reach 1.5 to 2 million listeners

Here is the link to the podcast:

Click the image to read the article

Here is our moving interview with the inspirational author and social activist 94 year old Harry Leslie Smith.

Harry Lesley Smith

Interviews with...

Click on the name to hear the full interview on Soundcloud

Aldo Zilli
Anthony Head
Bryan Ferry
Carol Cleveland
Charlie Boorman
Clare Teal
Colin Salmon
Mark Millar
Rt Hon Ed Miliband
Elaine Paige
Esther Ranzten DBE
Rt Hon Harriet Harman
Hazel O'Connor

Jack Oliver
JJ Burnell
John Boorman
John Craven
Martin Blunos
Martin Hughes-Games
Michael Eavis
Sir Nick Clegg
Prue Leith CBE
Roger McGuinn
Smokey Robinson
Tracey Edwards

Major Campaign

We had just started a major campaign in order to help alleviate the stigma of loneliness in society, and launched a major fundraising drive, including taking a bus to Glastonbury Festival, when the Pandemic hit!

Here’s our video we made to launch the drive:

Bus Campaign from Steve Hill on Vimeo.


In the past we have been on the BBC national news talking about WOACA’s and fashion, and we were asked to do a bit of modelling during the Pandemic, with Chrissie modelling facemasks and Livvy modelling hats and winter jumpers:

Sport Relief

Livvy and Chrissie and Olympians get Hot 'n Bothered for Sport Relief

Alternative version feat. Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband and Sir Nick Clegg

Videos filmed and edited by Simon Rawson, Son of Raw

Best of 'In The Pot' Part 1

Best of 'In The Pot' Part 2

Click here for:

Livvy and Chrissie's BBC Get Inspired video
Donate to Sport Relief
Pre-order the music track
Livvy and Chrissie's Twitter
Livvy and Chrissie's BBC radio page

Bristol Foodie Capital Vlog:

Yurt Lush, Temple Meads

Brew Café, Whiteladies Road

St Monica's Retirement Village, Westbury

Hari Krishnan's Kitchen, Redland